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Why Do I Call Myself A 'Mystic Coach’ ?

It’s pretty simple, really I am a trained Life Coach AND, since I use The Language of Light in all of my coaching sessions, I’m not a typical Life Coach… I am more like a life coach oracle… a Mystic Coach.

As a Mystic Coach I promote the truth that we are as much spiritual beings as we are human beings. That, in times of struggle or confusion, we don’t have to wait for help to arrive, but that support is always present for us to access.

The following are a few of the most common ways I work with individuals, groups, and businesses as a Mystic Coach:

     💠 reveal and release limiting beliefs

     💠 eliminate negative internal judgments

     💠 understand calling in life/purpose

     💠 listen to, trust in, and follow intuition/guidance

     💠 support in enjoying an authentic and full life

     💠 accept and move through difficult changes

     💠 connect with divine guidance

My passion and mission is to help others in discovering for themselves who they are and to assist them in recognizing and embracing their spiritualness…their heart, soul, nature, love, compassion, and connection to the whole.

It lights me up when I work with and witness others embracing their innate intuition, their own inner knowing, to make the decisions in their lives… and then to celebrate with them as their lives become more authentic, more focused, more on purpose, more meaningful, and more joyful.

If you would like more information about my work or how we can work together, please visit my Coaching Program page and The Language of Light page or contact me directly using the information below.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in your self-discovery!

Very warm regards,


Mystic Coach

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