The Language of Light

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"Language of Light was like opening a doorway to Spirit. It was an experience to connect to my higher self on this earth plane and 'hear' the messages in my soul. These soul thoughts illuminated the path to discover my soul's purpose and my gifts. Rose's gift is truly unique and a divine inspiration for those who choose to open their hearts to listen."  — Michele


Speaking or sounding The Language of Light is part of our True Nature and our multi-dimensionality. It is one of the ways our Soul connects with the Divine and then brings forward that connection in the form of sound for healing and spiritual wisdom. We all have the potential to access and speak The Language of Light for our self-actualization.

As you work with The Language of Light, your energy field becomes balanced which provides a stronger connection to your heart and opens you to deeper and deeper levels of your truest Self.

The more you have access to The Language of Light, the more you will know your Soul and the quicker you will open to your highest potential and purpose. 

As an empath, Rose Schneider, has the ability to connect in with your Soul’s essence and will bring forward The Language of Light for you. The tones and vibrational “messages” from your Soul will take you out of your thinking mind and into your heart, connecting you to your Soul and facilitating mindfulness and healing.


"Thank you Rose! You speaking the Language for me instantly dropped me into my heart. Where I can be very mental usually, the session brought up tears at first, then like a 'remembering' of something I don't yet have words for - something very deep in me - and then I spent the rest of the session really enjoying the feeling of happiness, peacefulness and a sort of quiet self-confidence. Thank you so much Rose for trusting your precious gift and bringing it out to share with others." -- Adam 

"I am honored to have had the opportunity to experience multiple sessions of Language of Light with Rose. It was a gentle process of opening and unfolding & learning to listen to my soul's wisdom. It is difficult to find the words to express that which transcends words... it is almost impossible to describe a process that speaks in a language that is understood by your innermost being and taps into your true essence reaching the deepest part of your knowing. LoL, has provided me with healing, affirmation, connection to the transcendent and direct contact with my higher Self. Rose's extraordinary gift spoke directly to Me opening up my entire being to hear the voice of my soul." -- Lorene

"The first session brought images of ancient wisdom that I somehow know deep in my soul. My immediate reaction was that I wanted to translate this Language into English, but then I calmed down... I already knew what the 'words' meant. Subsequent sessions felt like healing sessions that deepened my understanding of that ancient wisdom. After each session with Rose, the Intention that I'd come with became clearer and clearer. There has been an expansion in my life since then that I directly attribute to Language of Light." — Mary